English 11+ General Tips & Recommendations

Study Tips and recommendations 11+


Please see below for a transcript on some English 11+ General Tips & Recommendations. Hopefully you find these useful. Its imperative to implement and action these tips and recommendations so that you can move up the scores for your 11+ Exams. These tips could make all the difference:

  • Be clear on the number of marks. For example, if it’s a 1 hour paper and there are 60 marks, then its 1 minute per mark;
  • Pay particular focus to words in the question which are in bold;
  • Do NOT spend excess time on any one question. If you are allowed to come back to questions, then do this;
  • Do a regular time check. It is imperative to know exactly where you are in time remaining & no of questions during your test. For an hour test, glance at the clock every ~10 minutes and ensure you are on track. You must stay on pace with time;
  • If a question is taking too long or you can’t work out the answer, we suggest:

1) Entering a guess on a MC Answer sheet;

2) Circle the question in the question booklet so you know you have to go back to it later;

3) Continue to the next question;

4) Return to the question if there is time at the end and change your guess if necessary.

The process works better like this because so many students otherwise forget to go back and leave the answer sheet totally blank.

For very tricky questions, it is better to have an answer than no answer at all

Also, the student may end up entering the answer to the next question on the one he left empty. To avoid this, enter a guess per point 1

  • Ensure you get the “EASY” questions right. Too many times, I have seen students lose marks on easy questions. Check and DOUBLE check as you go along, your answer to “EASY” questions