11+ Mock Test and Exams. Be prepared!

11+ Mock Exam Preparation

11+ Mock Exams are essential for your child to undertake ahead of their crucial Eleven Plus sittings. We provide you with a range of excellent 11+ exams to sit at our dedicated training centre in Feltham

What sets our Mock exams aside from the others? Well its because they include all of the following aspects which will help your child or children immensely ahead of these vital exams:

11+ Mock Exams set for both GL & CEM. So we prepare your student for whichever format of exams they are sitting;

Independent School Preparation. Slightly different in format to GL & CEM. But we prepare your child for these exams;

Same day results highlighting the areas that students need to improve on so that they can get a better mark next time;

Focus on Maths, English, Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning questions covering all aspects of GL & CEM Exams;

For Independent school exams, we also cover Creative Writing which is more likely to be tested in these institutes.

11+ Mock Exams and tests are so important

11+ Mock Exams are so important because of many reasons. The exams are an opportunity to assess the performance of your child and their level of readiness for these crucial exams. The exams provide so many benefits of which some of the key ones are listed below for you:

  1. They provide an opportunity to get practice in a simulated environment that will put them in a great position for the real exam sitting;
  2. 11+ Questions set at the standard they are likely to encounter in the exams. A high standard that is set such as to challenge children to the level required. The exams we provide are a great dress rehearsal for the real 11+ Exams. Our 11+ Mock Exams ensure they are prepared;
  3. To iron out any issues they may have from a technical perspective. It is the time to find out if students have any technical gaps in their studies. This is the time to find out these areas of weakness. If they are struggling in any areas technically, then surely it is best to find out now before their real exams?

You can see our range of 11+ Exam Papers available here at this link

11 plus exam great schools

Below we list some of the great Schools for applying to in the London area for 11+ entrance. These are based on both their ranking overall in terms of exam results, their extra curricular activities and feedback we have received from parents:

  1. Queen Elizabeth School in Barnet – This school ranks as number 1 in terms of Progress. But its an all boys school.
  2. Colchester Girls School – Ranking second for us is Colchester Girls School. This is also fantastic and ranks very close to QES
  3. Beaconsfield High School – Moving towards the Bucks area, we have Beaconsfield High. Also a great school for extra curricular
  4. Nonsuch High School – Close comes Nonsuch which is an all girls school. Based in the South in Sutton in Surrey
  5. Tiffin Girls School – Based in Kingston comes Tiffin. A renowned school for its prestige and excellence in teaching

So above are just 5 of the very best in Grammar schools. We provide great tuition and Mock Exams for these schools and other similar Grammar and Independent schools

11 plus Mock Test.

We offer the very best in 11 plus mock test and preparation

Our 11 plus Mock test gives your child the best possible preparation for their pending important exams

Grammar School List

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