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Free 11+ CLOZE Online Tests

We provide a series of free online tests for you to do which cover all different aspects in CLOZE. These tests are timed and cover many different topics. Please see one example here for Test 1

The tests are designed at different levels and become progressively harder if we have added different layers of tests. All of these tests are free online tests for 11 plus. We include questions and also a score to see how you have performed. The typical pass % for tests is 80-90% and we set it at this level because we strive for an extremely high standard. In addition to this, the tests are timed and what this ensures is that the student is focused on a time based exercise.

The tests are specifically designed after reviewing hundreds of different papers for 11+ across Independent and Grammar Schools. Also covering both GL & CEM Style CLOZE

CLOZE 11+ FREE Online Tests

Our 11+ CLOZE Tests are great practice for your child ahead of their very important Independent and Grammar School exams. These exams are crucial and will determine the course of their educational institute for the coming years.

  • Topical Articles are covered in our 11+ CLOZE Tests
  • The tests are timed and great practice
  • We ensure we provide you with the time constraints per 11+
  • It is important to give your child practice in these crucial tests and questions
  • It will improve their vocab and grammar
  • The tests are useful to do ahead of either 11+ or SATs
  • They are free to try and you can retake the tests

CLOZE Eleven Plus Timed Questions and Answers

Our Eleven Plus CLOZE Tests are specifically Timed Questions and Answers papers. These are the very best in providing your child with some great practice for their vital final exams. We aim to give a good mix across all different topics to ensure there is broad experience through these tests.

What is great is that you can repeat these tests many times so that you can improve your results

Our research has found that students forget the answers to questions over a period of a month or so. Therefore, if they practice these questions regularly, it will be like they are doing the questions for the first time. This way, they will get the very best from the free materials and improve their results over time

The more practice they take, the better it will be for their CLOZE 11+ exams through these Free 11+ CLOZE online tests and quizzes

Try them out today for any specific topic you wish and see how you get on with these tests



We are building up to over 100 Maths 11+ Papers and answers for you to do. This is great value

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The papers are great practice for your student ahead of their crucial Grammar & Independent exams and compliment the free resource we provide through online tests

Also if you are looking for a tutor to help , feel free to contact us

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