Maths 11+ past papers


Eleven Plus Papers can be purchased above. We have a wide range of papers for you to select from. Our 11+ papers are written by our team of tutors and cover all range of subjects including Verbal Reasoning, Non Verbal Reasoning, Maths & English

11+ Exams are primarily tested via CEM & GL Boards. They require a different type of focus and therefore, we aim to help students by providing tailored exams to suit the board with which exams are being taken

See this link for some core differences between CEM & GL Board Exams


Our 11+ Mock Papers offer timed exams with suggestions on the allocation per paper. These should be adhered to as much as possible because when it comes to the real exams, time will be of the essence

We have found that one of the key factors that students struggle with is time and therefore, they end up not being able to complete the paper on time. They miss questions that they would have otherwise accurately answered correctly.

We have a range of student tips per this link that will help students avoid silly mistakes


We will soon also be launching a set of Free 11+ Test Questions for your child/ children to try. This is useful as it offers the ability to see the standard we set in our 11+ exams, as well as check on how your child is progressing in their work

When this page is launched, we will add a link on our home page to give you the opportunity to try these free tests