The list of books below will help children who are about to embark on 11+ exams. These books have the intention of improving students ability to complete Maths, English, Non Verbal Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning

Vocabulary and having a strong skill set in this is paramount to being successful at 11+ exams. The books have a wide range of questions and also guidelines and notes on how to address typical types of questions. They are great because they provide a logical order in which to work through specific topics for all subjects. Besides these 11+ Maths books to buy, we have many more books available

We would strongly encourage you to buy some of these books in order to help your child expand on their vocabulary. It will be of assistance to them in CLOZE exercises, Comprehension and also grammar questions overall.

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Highest Common Factor

Highest Common Factor One of the approaches I have been advocating in tuition lately is the use of the Highest Common Factor principle and how to use this in questions. It’s a core concept and one that should be used …

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We have a range of other great 11+ Books to buy. These include important books such as Verbal Reasoning, English, Non-Verbal Reasoning and more. To access the list of these books, please see the list of available books below:

11+ English books to buy for practice questions and papers

11+ Verbal Reasoning books to buy for practice questions and papers



The books offer great value for 11+ and will give your child some great practice for their exams.

Invest in your children’s education and give them their best possible chance of passing their 11+ exams

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