11 plus Mock practice test centre in Richmond

11 plus mock practice test centre based in Richmond

We offer 11 plus mock practice tests for your child in our local centre that is based in Richmond which is situated in West London region. Our practice papers and tests are set by the very best in examiners and will provide you with a great basis upon which to assess the abilities and readiness level of your child or children:

In our opinion, our 11+ Mock exam papers are set aside from those that you will find from others because of a variety of reasons. These reasons are highlighted below in the following bullet point summary:

High standard Eleven plus practice tests in a proper class room environment to give your child some great preparation;

We encompass all aspects of the Grammar school and Independent school exams into our personalised process;

These aspects include Maths, English, Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning. We also cover Comprehension and Creative Writing;

Both GL & CEM based and format exams are incorporated with results provided on the very same day as the exam;

If you require a view on the areas your child or children need to improve on, we will be happy to have a very brief discussion with you on this.

Our Eleven plus mock and practice test paper format

It is vital for us to get the right balance in the way that we design and write the mock and practice test paper such that it gives your child the necessary practice and also provides us with the broad level of feedback we seek to get from the exercise:

  1. Our exams are 2 papers of 1 hour each and we cover both GL & CEM Style. The areas that we cover are Maths, English, Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning;
  2. The eleven plus practice tests are Multiple Choice and our aim is to cover a wide range of topics that would be expected at the “higher KS2” level in Grammar and Independent schools;
  3. Independent schools typically set exams which are based on written format so we do set these as well around the November and December time frame. This is because these schools usually hold their actual exams in January. So this gives time for students to take practice exam papers.

For a wide range of 11+ Exam Papers available, please see here at this link . Contact us at our 11 plus practice mock test centre in Richmond

Why success is our number one priority for students

There are many articles and a lot of research available out there on why it is crucial for your child or children to do well at this stage of their academic life. The Eleven plus exams ensure they have the opportunity to go to a school that consistently delivers a high percentage of As & A* grades for students. In addition to this, the success here will lead to success at the next stage of their academic career which are A Levels. From there they get the opportunity to go to a great University and finally, the aim is to get them successful from a career perspective. So it really is a case of one step of success and achievement will lead to another. And so the process continues. So sowing the seeds at this level is vital to deliver greater fruits at a future stage of their life

Universities pay attention to GCSEs & A Level results. There is a good article here that is worth reading

The overall focus is that it will also instill some great confidence in your child and this is vital at all stages of their life

11 plus Mock practice test centre in Richmond

We offer the very best in 11 plus mock test and preparation

Our 11 plus Mock test gives your child the best possible preparation for their pending important exams