Our 11 plus Intensive Summer Courses start soon. This is what we provide….

11+ Tutor for Grammar and Independent Schools Monday & Wednesday courses – 2 hour sessions with a 30 minute break. Class times including breaks 9.30am-12.00pm & 1.00-3.30pm

11+ Tutor for Grammar and Independent Schools Grammar & Independent schools are covered in our study programme. Our study programme covers GL, CEM & also Independent written assessment based exam work

11+ Tutor for Grammar and Independent Schools Verbal & Non-verbal Reasoning, Maths, English, Creative Writing & Comprehension. These are the core modules. Therefore, we will ensure a broad level of coverage for all students irrespective of what their exam covers.

11+ Tutor for Grammar and Independent Schools Mock exams and homework given during the course. It is essential that we take students through Mock Exams to give them some proper exposure to the exam environment. Also, regular homework will be assigned throughout the programme.


We appreciate that finances are tight for all households at present. First, there was COVID. Then of course, the extremely sharp rise in utility bills and most expenditure. Therefore, we have endevoured to keep our rates affordable and have ensured our rates are in line with what we have charged previously.

There are in total, 12 sessions for our courses. So in total, 24 hours of class-based tuition for 11+ Entrance Exams as part of our Summer Course. These 12 sessions cost £576. Within this price, your child will receive that focused small-class size environment; along with fantastic material that we will take your child through. These 2 facets are crucial in order to give your child/ children, the best possible opportunity to succeed in their exams.

On top of this, we will be setting a Mock Test at least 3 times during the course. Mock Tests are vital in assessing the progress of a child through the process. We aim to prepare the student for the difficult exams they are about to face. It is part of our offer we pride ourselves on. This is because our Mock Exams are challenging and a fantastic test. However, we also ensure we take all students through any areas they have found difficult. this gives them the foundation to build upon and be at a state of readiness for the exams.


For many Independent and Private schools, Interviews are an integral part of the process. These can be for up to 1 hour and this is a considerable amount of time for a young student. The questions can often be challenging and students are therefore required to think “on-the-spot” in order to have a robust answer for the assessor.

We take students through Mock Interviews. These Interviews will be a replication of the types of questions that students will typically get asked and are faced with during their interview process. Of course, any question can come up. These “left-field” questions are typically associated with current affairs and trending topics. However, we also have a technique to prepare children for these and will take them through a dress-rehearsal.

So, our suggestion to you is to not only check out our Study-Tips above but also to let us provide some great Tips & Recommendations to your child so that they can flourish for their forthcoming assessment. It is really important that they are in a great state of readiness and fully prepared. This involves trying to catch out students and guage their reaction. We want them to be calm and collective when faced with the types of questions that even adults may find slightly demanding! Let us take your child/children to the next level with Interview practice that will help them throughout their academic time and beyond!


We cover key topics for Entrance Exams. These topics are crucial to get students through their exams. This is irrespective of whether the exams are Independent or Grammar school based. We list below some of the key areas and modules that are part of our scope:

11+ Tutor for Grammar and Independent Schools Verbal Reasoning: Some of the topics we cover are Synonyms, Antonyms, Odd one out, CLOZE, Incomplete sentences and much more. These are the key topics that are tested as part of Verbal Reasoning. However, there are also others such as sequences of letters, compound words, jumbled-up words, letter patterns and many more.

11+ Tutor for Grammar and Independent Schools Non-Verbal Reasoning: So much to cover here with Non-Verbal and Spatial skills. The NVR section comprises of Nets, Matrices, Sequences and what comes next, Odd-one out and many more areas. It is an area that we get students to the next level in using some of our invaluable techniques and approaches.

11+ Tutor for Grammar and Independent Schools English Comprehension: For this area, it very much depends on the school that your child is sitting Entrance Exams for. Some schools have pure Multiple-choice based assessments. Others however, have written. Either way, we cover both to ensure your child is fully averse to both Multiple choice and written Comprehension. This will provide them with valuable skills that will see them through to their Year 7 on onwards.

11+ Tutor for Grammar and Independent Schools Maths & Numerical Reasoning: There are numerous topics here. Some of the key ones include Fractions; Ratios; Entry-level algebra; Data tables; Sequences; Operations; BIDMAS & of course time and temperature based questions. We will cover these but not just at the core basic academic level such that students can calculate the answers. Our key focus here is on ensuring we lay the foundation for ensuring students can answer more “wordy” questions. This is what is called Numerical Reasoning. This area of academics is growing and requiring more and more focus for students. We will cover this in detail.


We offer 11+ Weekly Tuition Classes for Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. If you are interested, feel free to contact us. We have high quality papers, learning materials and a structured course and approach to get your children through their 11+ Exams.

Our training and teaching practice has been developed over many years and is done to improve the chance of your child or children passing their 11+ exams.

We would be happy to talk to you about our overall teaching approach and techniques.

Learning Techniques and principles; Exam approach and ways to avoid mistakes.

→ High quality teaching and 11+ GL & CEM Exam Practice questions; Feedback and continuous improvement with 11 plus tutor near me from 123.


If you are looking for an 11+, SATs, GCSE tutor in Feltham then please feel free to contact us. We can provide you with a great tutor that will help you through your academic times

11+ Tutor for Grammar and Independent Schools If you have some gaps in understanding certain topics, we will help you close these learning gaps;

11+ Tutor for Grammar and Independent Schools We also provide you with the opportunity to use a vast array of free resource. Simply sign up to this;

11+ Tutor for Grammar and Independent Schools  11+, SATs and GCSEs. For 11+ our tutors in Feltham will help you for your specific Grammar or Independent School;

11+ Tutor for Grammar and Independent Schools We have years of experience so understand the requirements for these exams through our 11 plus tutor near me service with 123.


11+ Mock Exams covering English, Maths, Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning. We cover CEM & GL Exams with results provided the same day.

Our exams are structured and professionally written in order to provide your child the most realistic test for their final sitting.

The tests are timed and cover all the key areas of 11+. In addition to this, we have a wide range of tests so your child can sit Mock Exams with us regularly to get vital exam practice and strive towards continuous improvement. These exams are fantastic practice for their forthcoming Entrance Exams. What we also do is to provide online tests for the key modules. These tests are on a timed basis so it really tests the child in their time management skills.


We provide you with the very best in 11+ Mock Exams and practice. Our exams are set at a level that will challenge every student. The Mock Exams cover all aspects of 11+ including Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning, Maths & English.

In addition to this, we will ensure we take students through the questions they found the hardest as a group. This will give them a great way of not just testing their ability in Mock Exams and against a group of other students, but it will also help them as they will learn new material and education techniques.

Our 11+ Mock Exams from 123Tutors.co.uk are unique and we aim to deliver the very best service, in order to help your child/ children excel to the next level. So what are you waiting for? Book an 11+ Mock Exam today. As they say, Practice really does make perfect!

Our Mock Exams run during weekends and also during holiday periods. This gives you every opportunity to give your child the “dress rehearsals” they need ahead of their very important 11+ Exams. They only get one opportunity. Help them excel and achieve their goals


Why not give your child the boost they need before 11+ Exams in September ? We provide some fantastic Summer Intense 5 Day Courses which aim to deliver the very best in teaching for your child/ children. These courses cover the following:

11+ Tutor for Grammar and Independent Schools Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning & Non Verbal Reasoning;

11+ Tutor for Grammar and Independent Schools Course Materials provided with notes & examples;

11+ Tutor for Grammar and Independent Schools Exam Techniques & Tips;

11+ Tutor for Grammar and Independent Schools Series of Mock Exams;

11+ Tutor for Grammar and Independent Schools121 Personalised advice & recommendations.

11+ Tutor for Grammar and Independent SchoolsMaximum of 10 students per class;

11+ Tutor for Grammar and Independent SchoolsClasses run for the summer holiday Monday & Wednesday 10am – 4pm.

Feedback from Parents.....

Student review on classes


“Vimal is professional and has been quick to establish a good rapport with my child. He seems very passionate and organised in what he does.”

Student review for 11+


“We are very pleased with the way Vimal is teaching our daughter so far.” (Tutorhunt)


Peter Davies

Marketing Manager

“ Brilliant 11+ Tutor. Taught my child English, Maths, Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning to the level where she is scoring really well and has a lot of confidence!!
So so happy that we hired Vimal to tutor our child for the past several months!!
We will be hiring him for our younger child who is in Year 4 and therefore, build him up for 11+ in a few years! ” Peter (As seen on tutorhunt)

11 plus Mock Exams


Graphic Designer

“ Thanks for the 121 help for my younger brother. You helped him get through his 11+ Exams! Your tutoring service and 11+ Courses were really fantastic as well. He really did enjoy them and he got so much out of these. He now has his next stage which is GCSEs in a few years. We will be contacting you closer to the time.”


John Lancer

Art director

“ Brilliant 11+ Papers. Thanks for helping my children. These helped tremendously during the preparation phase for exams . You have so much brilliant free resource as well as materials that can be purchased. It is all so useful in helping us through this important phase”




“ My daughters really enjoyed the 11+ Summer Course you ran last year. It helped them tremendously! We have also recommended you to many of our friends and family for tuition. So expect many phone calls. (BTW…..Sorry about her funny profile picture!)”



Fixed Income HSBC

“ As a parent, all I could say was WOW! Great 11+ Site with such fantastic material. I would be happy to recommend your excellent service to friends and family with children who are about to embark on this difficult phase. Thoroughly worth the money.”

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