English 11+ Antonyms and Synonyms

Study Tips and recommendations 11+


Please see below for a transcript on some English 11+ Antonyms and Synonyms. Hopefully you find these useful. Its imperative to implement and action these tips and recommendations so that you can move up the scores for your 11+ Exams. These tips could make all the difference:

  • This is one of the most important areas in English 11+;
  • There are specific questions on Antonyms & Synonyms;
  • In addition to this, being strong in this area aids Comprehension exercises, CLOZE exercises, odd one out tests, unravelling jumbled up sentences and many more areas;

A crucial area to grasp for 11+.

  • Go through the list of Top 500 Words.
  • Once this has been covered, another 500 can be handed out! The list given originally was not definitive but instead, purely a starting point.


  1. Go through the Top 500 words and as you go through them, write down briefly, the meaning of the word;
  2. Then write down at least 1 Antonym and Synonym for each word;
  3. Parents ….. as you have conversations with your children, test them on their Antonyms & Synonyms. In every day discussions, ask them for suitable A&S for every day words;
  4. As children are reading fiction and non-fiction books, they should be underlining any words they do not understand. Then going back to these words and looking them up in a dictionary to understand the meaning and also a suitable Antonym and Synonym. This is imperative if they are to build their Vocabulary knowledge;
  5. Parents …… if the children are listening to the radio or watching tv and a more complex word is mentioned, ask your child on the meaning and then go one step further and ask them for a suitable A&S;
  6. The process of building Vocabulary has to happen every day. If it does not, then it is not possible for children to adequately expand their Vocabulary to the level required for 11+

Do you have a Thesaurus? Here’s a link to a great one


One great way to improve on Antonyms and Synonyms is to create a spiders web of words:

So for example, I want to think of Synonyms for the word “Clean”

Antonyms and Synonyms Improve Skills