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Our 11+ Tutor in Kingston will provide you with some excellent learning tools and 121 Online or Home tuition. Therefore, you will benefit immensely from our unique approach. Please see below for what we can offer for you:

11 plus Tuition for Tiffin in Kingston as well as other Grammar and Independent Schools;

For the likes of Tiffin, we also do preparation for topics such as Creative Writing which are tested in the 11+ exams in Kingston;

The exams for Tiffin are very much Independent exams and these need to be treated very differently to other forms of exams. Therefore, you must be prepared very differently to what you would expect for other schools for Year 7 admissions;

There are key skills and techniques that you must adopt for taking these exams and therefore, it is really essential for you to be positioned correctly and in a way that will give you the best possible chance of getting through these exams.

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Eleven Plus tutor – What is covered?

  1. It is essential for us to cover all aspects of the Eleven Plus exams. This includes Creative Writing, English Comprehension, Maths, Numerical Reasoning, Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning;
  2. For Tiffin, Non-Verbal Reasoning is not covered but we always do go through this because it is something that many people find important to review as part of the Eleven plus exam preparation process;
  3. Some great books on Non-Verbal Reasoning can be found at the bookstore in Kingston which is in the town centre. We would recommend you to buy books from Waterstones which is excellent. The store is located within The Bentall Centre. A very good place to buy books from;
  4. Further to this, we will give your child a series of excellent tips and recommendations to help them get through their 11+ exams. See our Youtube channel for more recommendations and thoughts.

Some great resource from 123Tutors

  • We provide you brilliant information and help from 123Tutors. This resource includes study tips which can be found on our Study Tips page;
  • In addition to this, feel free to call us for information on a range of different materials we can provide over and above what our 11+ Tutor in Kingston will provide for you;
  • This is a great way for you to give your child an excellent move forward for their exams.