Please see below for a fantastic short piece of writing by one of our students by the name of Simba. Some great imagination and thought and great use of English within this passage

The Quest of the unknown 

In a land far far away were two children named Simba and Itaishe. They lived with their parents in an ancient city named Xibalba. Netsai and Valentine their parents would take them out to play pot to pot (a Mayan game) in the arena every day.   


It was 13:00, and Simba and Itaishe decided to go to the park by themselves and leave their parents asleep at home. Simba started to feel a bit uncomfortable because it was busier but Itaishe wanted to make friends, so she went to go and shake their hands when one of the arms fell of, they noticed the people where actually zombies.  

Out from nowhere was a thump from the ground. The arena started to collapse bit by bit. The two poor children rushed home just to find their house collapsed and their parents right with itTears rolled down the in misery while the last pieces of the house fell to the floor.  


 In the dust were three silhouetted stood there with a grin on their faces. One of them stepped forward and said, “It was for thee us who killed your parents for you foolish children awaken our 10 years of sleep.” Simba replied, “Then why kill them and not us!” They all grinned and whispered, “Because right now it’s your turn to die                





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