Career Coaching

Plan your career

If ever there was a time that planning your career was important, then this time is now. This decade has provided one of the biggest shocks to our system that you can imagine in the form of Coronavirus

Therefore, it is crucial to start planning your career and get it into the right shape. We take you through our 3 step programme to help you with Career planning:

  1. SET YOUR EXPECTATIONS – This involves setting a plan, making sure you are on track, ensuring you keep pace, tracking your goals;
  2. TIME TO COMMIT – You have to have time to commit to your career development in order to take it forward and progress;
  3. APPLY WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNT – Make sure you apply our coaching principles so you can move forward

Career Development Mistakes to avoid

There are several key factors to avoid in the process of career development. This information is based on discussions with many companies and their feedback. Also with headhunters who have been interviewed to find out what their view is on what candidates are missing. There is an overriding theme that keeps coming up from the Qualitative research.

  1. What is stopping your career?
  2. What is getting in your way?
  3. If you show interest in them, it will spark curiosity. So this is now going to be covered in further detail below


Part 1 below covers all of the aspects of the “R” which stands for Research. This is the one overriding factor that recruiters and corporates’ said Individuals lacked when they were speaking to employers. The majority of new candidates, graduates and others had a lack of research. They did not know the company or themselves in detail. They did not know what was required. Their mindset was just to get paid. Everything was very robotic. It is as if they just wanted to get paid. When people are hiring people, they really do need humanity in focus. The new candidates are so engaged with technology that they have not had the opportunity to engage with themselves


They have no personal brand and therefore this was one of the core aspects that was missing. We have to discover our self. This is what employers are looking for. For candidates who have a strong level of self. Candidates who know who they are and how they can contribute to the company. So how do you get people like this? How do you get people who “Introspect?”

A free resource can be used as a guide for questions and these questions can be used to explore what it is they want. This is because this is what is missing. Strong personal brands do not just happen. They evolve and they develop

The free resource is a journal that is online because people are so use to technology and typing things now. To this application, you can research your self. You can add pictures and text as part of the journal. Candidates will get jobs and also get promoted. The best way is through questioning to make candidates excel. The self-exploration is a key foundation piece for development. The tool has so much including different forms of journals and also types of diaries. Your clients will be able to use this resource for free.