11+ Tuition Classes Sept 2019

11plus Mock Exams & Tuition Classes



Our 11+ Tuition Classes for September 2019 (Exam Date Sept 2020) have commenced. These are excellent tuition classes and will help your child get through this testing period. They have now been running for 6 years consecutively and have proven to be a great success.

11+ Mock Exams & Tuition Classes
11+ Tuition Classes starting Sept 19.


You can see from the above small poster exactly where the exams are based. They are based in Feltham and there is ample parking and the venue is fantastic. For more details of the venue, please see this link. The venue provides excellent facilities and is warm, spacious and perfect for the requirements of teaching key subjects such as 11+ and SATs.


We have a series of classes running and these are specifically aimed and designed for students who are sitting exams in September 2020. The link for the dates and times is here. The classes are held after school to make it convenient. These are from 4pm – 6pm and we always aim to start on time and finish on time. This is important to keep consistency and continuity for tuition.

Our 11+ Tuition Classes Sept 2019 will provide the full range of tuition for you to cover all 11+ aspects


For our 11+ Tuition Classes Sept 2019, we cover the core aspects of 11+. This includes Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Maths & English. All of these aspects are crucial in getting your child through their 11+ exams. In most cases, all of these aspects are covered off via 11+ Exam Sittings but not in all cases. Therefore, what we aim to do is personalise and tailor the tuition to fit in with what the exam sitting is based upon. If the exam does not require Non Verbal Reasoning for example, then we will ensure your child has less or zero focus on this area and instead invests their valuable time on aspects of English , Maths & Verbal Reasoning


We provide a format for classes whereby we firstly go through homework and cover off key aspects to ensure there are no material learning gaps. If there are, then what we do is we do a deep-dive into those areas for those particular students and we set them further homework on those areas. This acts as reinforcement. We also keep a log of performance of all students so we know their strengths and weaknesses

Our classes then focus on learning new aspects and we continue to build in this manner


At some stage, it will become vital for your child/ children to sit Mock Exams. This will act as a fantastic proxy so that you can understand how your child is performing at our 11+ Tuition Centre and preparation for their 11+ Exams.  Mock Exams 

These Mock Exams are tailored to test your child in every aspect of 11+ and  ensure they have the right foundation and building blocks in terms of Time Management, Technical Capability, Confidence and accuracy in order to get through their 11+ Exams


So as you can see, we cover off all aspects of 11+ Tuition Classes Sept 2019. Why not join our Tuition Center and give your child the education they need to help them through. Feel free to contact us today or you can chat to us online via our pop up chat box