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Our 11+ Tutor in Mitcham is well positioned to give to you what level of teaching you require in order to make the best of your chances in entrance exams. Our service is unique and we provide many benefits such as these ones we list below that will help your child or children:

11 plus Tuition for schools such as Wallington Grammar on Croydon Road in Surrey is a great school and if your child is sitting entrance exams for this school, then we will assist you with the help needed for these exams;

For the likes of Wallington Grammar, there are further guidelines on the Induction Pack which has a lot of information and details for you in order to help you upskill yourself on the process for entrance;

The exams for Wallington are very much based on what they set themselves. We are listing further details on these exams below and also a link where you can read more details about the school process. Also what the exam includes which is incorporated in the article;

We know Mitcham well and have many students there that we currently teach for 11+. Therefore, our 11+ tutor in Mitcham is familiar with the area and surroundings. For example, we are aware that there is some great history on Mitcham. The toponym “Mitcham” is Old English in origin and it actually means big settlement. You have to go back before the Romans and Saxons were present, to identify that there stood a Celtic settlement, with evidence of a hill fort in the Pollards Hill area.

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Wallington Mitcham 11+ Exam – Familiarisation Tests?

  1. In these exams, there is a choice of two different tests both of which include an English and a Maths paper;
  2. Further to this, within each test the English and Maths papers will last 40 minutes with a short break between them;
  3. It is such that Test A includes one Maths paper and one English paper.  Test B includes different Maths and English papers so if you want your child to have two practice experiences using our familiarisation tests make sure you check the dates carefully and book one A and one B test.  Both Test A and Test B will be multiple choice and will be set to the same standard based on the Key Stage 2 curriculum;
  4. There will be comprehensive feedback provided for each child for both papers as outlined in the “Test Results” section;
  5. In addition to this, Wallington staff will give your child a series of excellent tips and recommendations to help them get through their 11+ exams. See our Youtube channel for more recommendations and thoughts;
  6. All of the above information is available on the Wallington page on their Grammar School site.

Some great resource from 123Tutors

  • We provide you brilliant information and help from 123Tutors. This resource includes study tips which can be found on our Study Tips page;
  • In addition to this, feel free to call us for information on a range of different materials we can provide over and above what our 11+ Tutor in Mitcham will provide for you;
  • This is a great way for you to give your child an excellent move forward for their exams.